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You climbed the golden steps to the palace of Asgard the next morning. You had nearly burst from excitement the previous night when your father, Lord Skurge of the royal court of Asgard had told you that you were one of the nominees to be on the new generation of the royal court. It was what you had spent most of your life training for. And the Norns help any who got in your way.
You had managed to catch up with the line of hopeful young men and women. It wasn’t really long. Just up to the palace front doors. You figured you were still going to have to wait for all or most of the day before your interview. Wrong.
Suddenly, the line jumped forward and you found yourself being directed to a room along with all the other candidates. The large doors opened up to reveal a long thin table that had a long row of seats on both sides. The All father stood at the other end of the table. “Greetings. You are the best and brightest students and the most worthy candidates for the royal counsel of the next generation. I look forward to interviewing you and hopefully seeing some of you in the court.”

It took a little over an hour, but Odin finally made it to you. As he sat down, you tried to increase your posture even more than you already had out of nerves. You mentally struck yourself and told your brain to relax. “Good day young lady.” He greeted. You returned the greeting by giving the formal return greeting by crossing your right arm over your heart, you hand balled into a fist. You bowed your head, “Good day, my lord.” You replied. He waved his hand. “None of these others have shown highest respect, which I see is not out of mockery, neither is this act that you have performed. You have taken a step in the correct direction.”
The rest of the interview went very well, he would ask you questions about what you knew, you would answer them. He would ask you how you would handle a hypothetical diplomatic situation, and you gave your opinion. Everything you said seemed to bring an approving smile to his old features. “One final question,” he said, “What is your name?” You sucked in a breath , “(y/n) Skurgeson.” You said holding your head high. He smiled wider, but thoughts seemed to churn in his head, perhaps he remembered you. If he did, he showed no proof of it. A moment passed and you began to sweat. “Well, I think I have enough information. Congratulations, (y/n) or should I say, Lady (y/n).” he smiled at you as your eyes widened in surprise and happiness. “I will have a guard show you to where you will be staying in the palace. Your furniture shall be delivered here from your home by this evening.” Odin stood and motioned for you to rise. You repeated your earlier gesture to him, but accompanied it with a ladylike curtsey.
He again motioned for you to rise and called for a guard to guide you to your quarters. “Oh and Lady (y/n), I suggest you familiarize yourself with the people in the castle. That is your first task.” You nodded and followed the big guard. You walked down the golden corridor to where your room was. When you reached your room, it had a lovely black and green runed door. The All Father must have had it put up just now, as you could see workers running away down the hall to your left and around a corner. You pushed it open to reveal a large room with no furniture in it. It had a balcony made of black stone. The walls were a deep dark brown, not to mention the nearly black wood that was the floor. Your furniture would look nice in here.
You turned and dismissed the guard and shut the door behind him. Then, you walked off onto the balcony to check the view. You stood and realized that you could see nearly the same things that you could see from your family’s house, only more because you were higher up now. You were probably going to miss your family, but you were still too excited to worry about that now. It hit you that you should probably do what Odin told you to and go familiarize yourself with the people in the palace. So you left your room to find your own way.
After a couple hours, you had met nearly everyone in the castle including Lady Sif (who you decided you must always be friends with immediately), and the Warriors Three. The last people you had to meet were Thor and Loki, unfortunately you could not meet Thor as he was currently banished to Midgard, or so Sif had sadly told you. That only left Loki, who you supposed (given his character) would be in the library or with his friends. You searched around a few of the rooms for a while and then went off to find the library. You got directions from a couple guards who had agreed to be friends with you and help you find your way around if ever you were lost.
You found your way into the library, which you found had a lovely fireplace and many thousands of books. Your jaw dropped. You knew where you would be spending the better parts of your days now. You looked up and down the many aisles of book cases, occasionally pulling a book out from its place and looking at its cover. You were just opening on such book, when you heard the turning of a page almost directly above you. You started and looked up with wide eyes. There sat the dark-haired prince with one leg bent at the knee, while the other laying out straight on top of the bookcase. He had a book in his hands and he was looking at you with disdain in his eyes. “Why are you here?” he asked. You put the book back on the shelf, trying desperately to remain calm. “To speak with you, my lord.” You said, facing away from him to hide your blush. You heard a thump as he jumped off the bookshelf. He stood taller than you. “Pray, what would you like to speak to me about?” he said. Your cheeks no longer felt hot, so you turned to face him his sharp emerald eyes bored into your (e/c) ones. “I came to introduce myself to you. On request of the All Father, of course. I myself would never be so bold.”
He smirked at you, making a small laughing sound as he did so. You looked around. “Well I wouldn’t.” you said calmly, though inside you were screaming and wanting to hug him and tell him that you were his long-lost friend. His smirk became a full out smile. “Well then, let me introduce myself, I am Loki, prince of Asgard, at your service.” He said a bit roguishly, making you blush a little. He bent down and kissed your knuckles. If you asked yourself, he had gotten better at it since he was 7. You curtseyed. “I am Lady (y/n) Skurgeson. It is a pleasure to meet you my prince.”
He smiled, but a confused and curious look passed across his face briefly. “Here, it is getting late and you must be tired. Allow me to walk you to your quarters as they must be far from here in the counsel quarter.” He snapped his fingers and the book he had been reading disappeared. It was a trick that you had come to learn quite well in your studies. You had taken a special interest in that kind of thing. So far, your knowledge was limited, but with this vast library, anything was possible. He held out his arm for you to link through and you did.
He walked you down the corridor and as you neared a door, you noticed that your guard friends were posted there. As you passed between them, you made eye contact with one of them, his name was Askr. He smirked a bit at you but you tossed him a you better not tell anyone you saw this look and half smiled at him on that side of your face. You knew he and the other, Jorgun, would be laughing about this later. Lady (y/n) has a beau the first day of her Ladyship, and that beau happens to be the prince! Something like that.
Wheels were spinning in Loki’s head as he walked you down the halls. When you made it to your room finally, he let your arm go and stepped away a little. You stepped toward your door so there was a good two feet of space in between you two. “Well, good night Lady (y/n).” he said. “Good night, my prince.” You said. He turned and said, “I cannot shake the notion that I met you before. You remind me of someone whom I cared about many years ago.” You smiled and said, “Oh really? Well I thank you for your most gracious help, my prince.” He smiled broadly at you after hearing that. You were just closing the door and had almost closed it when it just stopped dead. You looked down for what had obstructed its closing and found part of a boot sticking in the crack. You reopened the door enough to see him. He pulled you into a hug “(y/n), I have missed you. You know not how much.” You were surprised and reluctant to hug him in return, but eventually you did. When he pulled away, he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead, before turning and walking off briskly in the other direction as if nothing had ever happened.
He left you standing there. A smile tugged at the corners of your mouth. He remembered you! That meant that there was still a possibility you two could be friends. You stepped back into your quarters, shutting the door behind you and leaning against it. Your furniture had arrived and it did indeed look very nice in this room. You were reunited with an old friend.
You had no idea how much more it could become.
Okay. First of all, this is the sequel to Untitled. I meant for it to say the above title. Eh he he! please see that, just to know what I am talking about. I don't really know how to place links, soooo. in any case. Watching Sherlock season 3 first episode. Nyah ha ha! SHERELOCK LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Spaz attack La la la la I am a dummy! CURSE YOU! 
FrejseLoveZutara Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014
This really is good :D (Big Grin)  Though I can't help but tell you, we as the caracter "you" in the story would only be named Skurgeson if we are the SON of Skurge. I personally is a girl and would therefore be name Skurgedaugter as my last name, becaurse I am the Daughter of Skurge. But a really good story Love and very well writen too Clap 
NyxtheNightFury Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014   Writer
Thanks! I would like to make this a bit of a series traveling thru Avengers, but I am crossing off Thor the Dark World and writing an alternate ending for Loki if you were in his life. If Marvel had used something like this, it we awesome.
EragonJediGirl357 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
YES! I love it! ^^
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